2018 Women Swimmin' for Hospicare

Support our team!
Support our team!

Hospicare Angelfish

The Hospicare Angelfish are Hospicare staff, volunteers and board members who believe in our mission enough to swim (or boat) across a lake or in a pool.  

Many times friends and families of Hospicare patients refer to our staff as "angels" for caring for their loved ones. We come into people's lives at a tender, frequently stressful time. Our job is to make the unbearable more bearable by managing physical pain and providing medical expertise, as well as offering emotional, spiritual and practical support to patients and their families. We also support anyone in our communities who is grieving the death of a loved one.

Your donation to Women Swimmin' will help us provite this important end-of-life care and support to anyone in Tompkins or Cortland counties who needs it--regardless of their ability to pay.

You can donate to our team or to one of us individually (our individual totals get added to our team total). Thank you for your support of Hospicare.







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