2018 Women Swimmin' for Hospicare

Friends of Carrie

Dear Friends of Carrie,

I've named a team in Women Swimmin' this year in memory of our dear friend/sister/fellow teacher/adventurer/survivor and all-round fabulous person Carrie Lazarre.

As you know, Carrie spent a few weeks living in the Hospicare Center on East King Road last year. Thanks to the fabulous staff--and, of course, Carrie's unique approach to making the most of everything--she truly made it her home.

It would be lovely if we could raise some funds for Hospicare in her memory.

If you are able to make a contribution to this incredible organization, please do. And please feel free to share this with other friends of Carrie who you think might like to support Hospicare. I'm sure there are many I don't have contact information for.

If you've signed up to swim, you're very welcome to join the team. Spence will be boating, too, if anyone would like to join him.

Thank you!

Jenny xx

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