Women Swimmin' 2018 Participant Resources

This is where you'll find everything you need to know to participate in Women Swimmin' for Hospicare.

 Participant Safety Manual 

 Participant Center Guide

→ Fundraising Guide 

 How Teams Work

Click for more information specifically for  Lake Swimmers, Laps Swimmers, and Boaters

Here's our first fundraising tip for 2018: 

Get a jump start on your fundraising efforts and earn the $500 badge

Women Swimmin' for Hospicare:MILESTONE:1021

Raise $500 in 10 Days

Here's How . . .

Day 1 Get yourself started with your $25 registration fee $25
Day 2 Challenge 3 family members to each match your registration  $100
Day 3 Ask your best friend for a $25 sponsorship $125
Day 4 Ask your boss for a company donation or matching gift for your registration fee $150
Day 5 Hang out with friends! Ask 5 local friends to sponsor you for $10 $200
Day 6 Send an email from your Personal Page to 5 out-of-town friends asking for $10 $250
Day 7 Hit the town! Request a $10 sponsorship from 5 local businesses you support $300
Day 8 Gather support at work! Ask 5 co-workers for $10 to support your swim $350
Day 9 Ask 5 neighbors to donate $10 to support the work of Hospicare $400
Day 10 Ask 10 people at your church, book club, gym, etc. for $10 each $500

You did it!

Now remember to thank all of your donors and keep them updated on your progress. You can send thank you emails and keep everyone up to date with blog posts, all through your Personal Page!