Where Does The Money Go?

Thanks to the generosity of our corporate sponsors who cover event expenses, 100% of funds raised through Women Swimmin’ are used to help care for patients and support their loved ones. The money raised covers:

  • Items such as medications, specialized medical equipment and more. The items and costs vary based on the needs of each patient, and because of the funds raised though Women Swimmin',  Hospicare can meet those needs regardless of cost or coverage. Funds raised through Women Swimmin' can allow:
    • A grandfather to watch his grandchild's soccer game (or swim meet!) by providing him a wheelchair to get around and a portable oxygen tank to help him breathe more easily
    • A patient to sleep comfortably in her own home because the money you raise helps us arrange and pay for a hospital bed
    • A family to engage in lively conversation with their loved one because Hospicare can provide much needed pain medication in the form that is best for the patient.
    • A caregiver to sleep through the night for the first time in months because your fundraising helps cover the cost of room and board for their loved one at the Hospicare Residence for one day.
  • Ongoing training and support for registered nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, social workers, nurses' aides and volunteers
  • Room and board for the Nina K. Miller Hospicare Residence. Hospicare provides personalized care that allows patients to live their lives as fully and peacefully as possible, regardless of cost. Last year, for those in need of the special 24-hour care provided in our 6-bed residence, the funds raised through Women Swimmin' covered $300,000 in unreimbursed expenses.
  • Important emotional, psychological, social and spiritual support to patients, families, and friends facing the hard issues of mortality and loss.
  • Bereavement and educational services for our friends and neighbors throughout our community regardless of whether or not their loved one received hospice care.
  • Palliative care to help those in our community who are dealing with serious illness. Our  PATH program supports patients and their families by providing practical assistance with day-to-day challenges and guidance to find spiritual and emotional balance.
  • Our Music Program and gardens, which bring comfort, connection and beauty to patients, families and friends.


What About Insurance or Medicare/Medicaid?

On average, only a small percentage of these and other critical expenses are covered by Medicare, insurers and other sources. We anticipate needing to cover an additional $50,000 in 2017, beyond the usual gap of Medicare coverage amounts.

  • We do not turn anyone away because of a lack of ability to pay. In addition to funding care at the Nina K. Miller Hospicare Residence, in 2016 Women Swimmin’ covered $35,000 in unreimbursed expenses for our at-home patients so they and their families could receive the support and services they needed.


What Is Hospicare?

Hospicare & Palliative Care Services is a 501c(3) non-profit hospice headquartered in Ithaca, NY. We provide medical expertise and compassionate, respectful care to anyone in our community who is facing a life-limiting illness, and we provide support to their loved ones through the illness and grief.


For more information, please visit our website: www.hospicare.org.