Lake Swimmer Information

Women Swimmin' is a non-competitive, community swim that depends on the cooperation and good will of all involved for its success. On August 11, 2018 over 300 Lake Swimmers, 175 Boaters and countless Volunteers will come together for this unique fundraising event!

The impact of your swim will be felt by our patients and their families throughout the year. The funds you raise enhance our ability to provide the comfort measures our patients and families need, both in hospice and in our palliative care program. These donations also underwrite bereavement and educational services for the community.

Training Information

Let the training begin!  Training in a pool is important, especially when the lake is too cold. Remember though, pool swimming and lake swimming are very different and nothing beats training in the lake. Please try to get in the lake as often as you can before August 11.

Here are a couple Cayuga Lake spots for you to try:

Looking for a local pool?  Here's a handy list:

Outdoor Pools

Indoor Pools All pools are 25 yards long unless noted*

More Training Tips:

Training Tips for Women Swimmin'
tips compiled by one of our veteran swimmers

A Lazy Swimmer's Guide to a Safe and Comfortable Swim
Jill Freidmutter is a long-time participant in Women Swimmin' and a Hopsicare staff member. She has compiled this self-titled guide to let you know that if she can do it, so can you!

Choppy Water Swimming Tips
This instructional video outlines the skills you need to swim comfortably in rough and choppy open water conditions. Please note that if conditions are too choppy, the Women Swimmin' Safety Team has the authority and responsibility to cancel the swim. Also, if an individual swimmers feels conditions are too rough for her skills, she can ask to leave the swim at any time. This is a community swim, not a race or competition, and no one will be forced to continue if she's not able!


Wait List Swimmers

We maintain the Wait List of swimmers through July 11. When one of the Lake Swimmers cancels, we contact a swimmer on the Wait List to take her place. While we can't guarantee that every swimmer on the Wait List will be offered a chance to swim, in the past three years all the swimmers on the Wait List were offered a spot as a Lake Swimmer.

Key Dates and Times for Swimmers

Monday, May 7   Registration for Lake Swimmers begins at 6:00 a.m. and continues until we reach our max of 350 swimmers and a Wait List of 30 swimmers.
Wednesday, July 11   Last day of the Wait List and the swimmer confirmation date. We ask that all swimmers raise their $200 minumum by this day or contact Hospicare to confirm their participation. 
Wednesday, July 18   Last day to request to swim with a specific swimmer or have a particular escort boater. These requests can be made through your Participant Center.
Thursday, August 9   Swimmer Packet Pick-up at Hospicare, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
Friday, August 10   Swimmer Packet Pick-up at Hospicare, 3:00-6:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 11   Swim Day! 


For more information visit the Event Details page