2019 Women Swimmin' for Hospicare


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Carol Cohen is a r
esident of Ithaca NY since the summer of 2015. She swam in the 2017 Women's Swimmin' for Hospicare - first time ever in an open water swim. She moved here from the Washington DC area where she swam regularly in an indoor pool!! Carol worked for the Federal Gov't for almost 30 years in the area of disability policy and research, and retired from the Social Security Administration in January of 2018. She is married to Jim, has two grown sons, two marvelous daughters-in-law and 5 delicious grandchildren who live in Denver (3) and New Haven, CT (2). She is very excited to swim for this extraordinary cause and thanks her many generous donors. Carol is so grateful for all the support and encouragement she has received from family and friends.... with thanks and gratitude for this opportunity to promote a community service close to her heart.

Ellen Cohen-Rosenthal is a life-long swimmer. Her parents, Norman and Florence Cohen, were also water lovers, and they shared the joy of swimming with Ellen and her 4 siblings from an early age. A Cohen family outing or vacation almost always involved water—Mullers Lake, Atlantic City, or Ocean Beach. Even on the worst of days she always feels better after a swim. “Swimming is great therapy!” Ellen remembers taking her first swimming lessons from the handsome sons of her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Nochimson, at the Sundance Swim Club in New Jersey. Ellen is still learning and perfecting her stroke with help from talented teachers like Kevin Vallely and Shane Eversfield. How great is it that Ellen gets to do what she loves for a cause as important as our hospice agency? This year is the 11th year Ellen has participated in Womens Swimmin’ and she is hoping it will be a great year. Read more about Ellen’s motivation in “Why I Swim” on her personal web page.

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